Sweet Mama Stout
Milk Stout

Made with 5 grains including lactose and Chocolate Wheat for a creamy chocolate head. Blend with Scherri Wheat for a Cherry
Chocolate Stout and a Neapolitan head. 7.50% alcohol.       

Big Mama with a Stick

Wood Aged Imperial Milk Stout

You get the idea. Big MaMa aged for 2 months in a rye bourbon barrel from PA. Bourbon nose and flavors with a creamy head. Neopolitan? 9.0% alcohol.

Wounded Warrior Blasted Ale

Smoked American Brown Ale

Brewed with Warrior hops and 5 grains for a sweet malty backbone with a little "Fire in the Hole" smokiness. Medium bodied and relaxing at 7.5% alcohol. Enjoy irresponsibly!

Brewed by our Wounded EOD Warriors, check out the Brew Fest pages.                 

Bourbon Porter

Wood Aged Baltic Porter

Base Porter above, aged for 2 months in a rye bourbon barrel from PA. Nice bourbon nose and flavor. 6.5% alcohol.     

Wheat Treat

American Wheat Beer

An American Wheat beer, light and refreshing. Made from American 2-row barley, American wheat and Vanguard hops. Another great summer favorite. 5% alcohol.             


American (East Coast) IPA

Patriot Pale Ale's big brother. More balance than hoppiness with Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade hops. This will sneak up on you at 7% alcohol.                

Mystic Mermaid Ale

Blonde Summer Ale 

Sherri’s idea for a summer ale. Light and zesty, made with Summit and Citra hops presenting notes of various tropical fruits.  A new favorite? Bud/Miller/Coors drinkers, this is as light as I get! Refreshing and light at 4.5% alcohol.                     

Scherri Wheat Ale

Cherry Wheat

Everyone’s favorite! Named after Sherri for the Cherry Wheat I brewed every year for her. Wheat Treat base beer aged on sweet cherry puree. Enjoy it alone or mixed with the Stout. 5% alcohol.     

House Brews

Bronze Medal: Taste of TN, TN State Fair 2014.

Big Mama Stout

Imperial Milk Stout

Sweet MaMas big sister! Same ingredients but with an increased grain bill leading to a smooth but potent brew.  9% alcohol.   

Bronze Medal: Taste of TN, TN State Fair  2014. Bronze Medal: Fredericksburg Beer Festival 2013.


Baltic Porter

Very dark and malty, made with brown and crystal malt, with a little chocolate wheat for a creamy head. Lighter than the Stout, a great base beer for experimenting with bourbons and spiced rums. 6.5% alcohol.     

Silver Medal: Fredericksburg Beer Festival 2013.

Patriot Pale Ale

Pale Ale

A nicely balanced Pale Ale using a blend of 5 grains with Simcoe hops for bittering, Centennial and Cascade for flavor and finishing with Willamette hops. Enjoyable at 5.5% alcohol.              

I have had the honor of being able to consume many of Leon's beers. I would put everyone up against any micro brew pub any day.     Aaron

Perry Cider

Pear Cider

Sherri is the Head Brewer for our Ciders. An apple cider back sweetened with pure pear juice. Named in honor of our dear friend Perry Barnes, rest his soul. Coming in around 8% alcohol (maybe 9%).      

Silver Medal: Fredericksburg Beer Festival 2013. Gold Medal: Virginia Beer Blitz 2011, Virginia Dominion Cup 2009.

I always keep some combination of these pouring on the six taps on my kegerator:

Silver Medal: Virginia Beer Blitz 2009.